UV Cube

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For your safety and the safety of your patients, OCULUS has partnered with Proximity Systems to bring commercial grade UV-C disinfection technology to your eye care practice. Disinfect Frames in 3 minutes with the UV Cube. The UV Cube can fit 4 - 6 eyeglass frames as well as other high-touch small objects and disinfects in 3 minutes. Internally, 40 UV-C LEDs offer 360 degrees of coverage ensuring maximum effectiveness.

The UV-C Dosimeter card provides feedback that your devices are emitting UV-C and at the correct dosages.

Additional Dosimeter cards can be purchased here.

The UV Cube is specifically designed for the disinfection of ophthalmic frames and lenses by eye care professionals.
The UV Cube is for US Customers only.

Product details

  • Three cleaning cycle modes
  • Visible numeric countdown for cleaning cycle
  • Auto off feature when lid opens, pausing cycle actions and UV emittance
  • 360° active cleaning area
  • Sleek and stylish design (11.9" x 10.6" x 6")
  • Internal rack support (9" x 7.25" with 3.5" clearance)

Material overview

  • 4.5 lb. unit
  • 40 UV LED bulbs
  • Corded wall power adapter
  • Satin white finish

Key features

  • Ideal for smaller medical equipment and mobile devices
  • Convenient area to place devices for quick, yet effective ultraviolet disinfection
  • Optimizes day-to-day workflow with an automatic means of self-disinfection