LidStick® Starter Kit

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Perform easy, hygienic eyelid manipulation with the multi-purpose, disposable OCULUS LidStick®*, individually wrapped and stored in the OCULUS LidStick® Dispenser.

Attach or suspend the dispenser almost anywhere for convenient access.

The starter kit includes:
1 LidStick® Dispenser and 2 LidStick® rolls of 100 each (200 total)

*For US Customers Only


The LidStick® Starter Kit* enables easier eyelid manipulation for patients and technicians.

OCULUS designed the LidStick® to replace the abrasive, uncomfortable cotton and wood applicators formerly used for manipulating eyelids. This patient-friendly alternative utilizes medical-grade silicone and plastic to become the ultimate multi-purpose tool for your eye care practice.

The LidStick® manipulates the eyelids for dry eye measurements, slit lamp examinations, cornea-scleral surface detection, and more.

One versatile tool for five key functions:

  • meibography
  • cornea-scleral scans
  • sensitive squeezing of the meibomian glands
  • careful debriding of the lid margins
  • estimate the size of a chalazion

Store the LidStick® rolls in the aluminum LidStick® Dispenser for convenient access, then pull and tear off each individually wrapped LidStick® as needed. Attach or suspend the dispenser to almost any surface with the adhesive strips.

*For US Customers Only